About us

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Over-C IT, formerly Lakeville Computer Center, is a company that has evolved from a reactive break/fix IT shop, to a proactive managed service provider.  Call me to schedule a visit.  I would be happy to come to your business and let you know how I can help with your technology needs.

In the "old days" the relationship between our IT staff and our customers was not as pleasant as it could be.  This was mainly due to the fact that every time we heard from our customer they were either in a crisis or at the very least upset about a computer crash or a technical issue that had probably been festering for an extended period of time before it was just unbearable and that's when we would get the call.  With a good managed services model we are able to reduce these stressful events by addressing issues before they fester.  In most cases we will address the issue before the customer knows it's an issue.  It may be an alert that the hard drive is getting full, or that there are read/write errors on the drive (meaning it's about to die), or that the memory is being maxed out, etc.  We can then go behind the scenes, run reports, examine CPU or memory usage for the last few days or weeks, check on virus activity, whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the issue.

Our remote access tools, as well as our management tools, are top notch.  There are all kinds of functions built in that allow us to do things quicker and more thoroughly than most.  For example, we record all our remote sessions for both internal auditing purposes and as a reference to be able to look back to verify exactly what was done should a subsequent issue arise.

We also do a majority of our work after hours to limit the downtime of our customers.  We don't charge extra because it seems like common sense to us that our customers want to use their computers during working hours

Our company has been under the same ownership since 2002 and had been responsible for providing outstanding technical services ever since. Our specialty is in the area of Managed Services and IT/Technical Support. Our regular customers particularly value our dedication to making sure their business runs smoothly and uses technology in the smartest way possible. Our business is located at 347 West Grove St. (Rt. 28) in Middleboro. We no longer service residential customers and there is no PC drop off location, just a business office in the upstairs suite.